Tony Isaacs and Ben Taylor discuss the efficacy of colloidal silver and other supplements

Tony Isaacs exchanges commentary with his boyhood friend, Ben Taylor, the founder of a natural health products firm called Utopia Silver Supplements.

Tony Isaacs (RMNew Agent dquixote1217) publishes safe and proven methods for living healthier and longer lives without prescription drugs on The Best Years in Life website. In addition, he contributes articles for other alternative health publications, including SaneVax, Natural News, Curezone, AlignLife, and CancerTutor.

Ben Taylor’s firm, Utopia Silver Supplements
Leading Source of Natural Healing Using Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold
P.O. Box 444
Utopia, Texas 78884

lr001 – Use this special code on your Utopia Silver order for 15% discount (discount not applied for IntraMAX® multivitamin or if product is currently on sale)

Cancer’s Natural Enemy (oleander)
Book by Tony Isaacs

Baseline of Health Foundation
Jon Barron, Founder

Podcast: Beyond Medicine – Natural Health Empowerment
By Dr. Lane Sebring

Death by Medicine
Book by Gary Null (Author), Martin Feldman (Contributor), Debora Rasio (Contributor), Carolyn Dean (Contributor)

Real-life ‘Blue Guy’ shrugs off his skin color
Man ingested silver compound as home remedy, but had strange side effect
By Mike Celizic
Jan. 7, 2008
Article refers to a Californian named Paul Karason, whose skin turned blue from drinking a home remedy containing silver.

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