John Fanuzzi tells how basalt can produce a superior metal to steel

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster interviews John Fanuzzi about an environmentally-friendly technology that can be used in a variety of commercial applications.

John Fanuzzi is a dedicated student of sacred geometry who contributes his unique perspective and expertise on Rumor Mill News under the name of in_PHI_nitti. Click here to visit his website.

A Montana businessman who suffered hardship and loss from the corrupt practices of a local bank, Fanuzzi has found a new niche in running a basalt quarry. In operating the quarry, Fanuzzi has found that basalt can be used to produce a metallic alternative to steel with the following advantages:

• lower in weight and stronger
• lasts for years because it doesn’t corrode
• can be processed locally
• no impact on the environment

Fanuzzi’s technology is suitable for manufacturing commercial products such as rebar and cars and is in use outside the United States. ​

Click here to listen to an excerpt of John Fanuzzi’s Sep. 23, 2011 appearance on the radio show where he was interviewed by Rayelan Allan.

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