Dr. Ken O’Neal and Tony Isaacs describe natural methods to prevent and defeat cancer

Tony Isaacs and his guest Dr. Ken O’Neal discuss factors such as diet, oxygen levels, and trace mineral intake as they relate to cancer prevention and treatment.

Tony Isaacs (RMNew Agent dquixote1217) publishes safe and proven methods for living healthier and longer lives without prescription drugs on The Best Years in Life website. In addition, he contributes articles for other alternative health publications, including SaneVax, Natural News, Curezone, AlignLife, and CancerTutor.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of last week’s interview with Dr. Ken O’Neal. Click here to contact Dr. O’Neal by email.

Use your diet to turn off cancer
by Paul Fassa
Jul. 22, 2011
“The cancer industry has ignored 1930s Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg’s discovery that cancer cells thrive on glucose and die in oxygen rich environments.”

Iodine is Vital for Good Health
By Dr. James Howenstine
Nov. 5, 2005
“Iodine lack is known to be a factor in the development of breast and prostate cancer. Sixty patients with a variety of cancers were studied. All sixty patients were found to have serious iodine deficiency.”

Methylselenocysteine: The Super Selenium
by James South, M.A.
Oct 27, 2004
“A connection between selenium intake and cancer has been known for decades. In 1969 Dr. R. Shamberger reported that his cancer patients averaged selenium blood levels only 60 to 80 percent as high as non-cancer patients.”

Flax Seed Oil & Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Dr. Johanna Budwig, M.D., of Germany
“The flaxseed oil & low-fat cottage cheese anti-cancer protocol is, without doubt, the simplest, cheapest and least unpleasant cancer treatment in existence.”

Magnesium and Cancer Research
“Aleksandrowicz et al in Poland conclude that inadequacy of magnesium and antioxidants are important risk factors in predisposing to leukemias.”

Health Recipe of the Day: Homemade Soy and Canola Free Mayonnaise

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors
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