John Byfield describes his serendipitous 2-year odyssey across America

Imagine taking off with your spouse in a solar-powered Airstream that you pull along America’s highways with your bike! Our guest shares his incredible story.

The Flying Cloud Eco-Discovery Tour
A Cross Country Tour of Discovery, Hope, and Serendipity
Site includes blog updates and photo links that document our guest’s journey.

DVD recommended by our guest: Standing Silent Nation
DESCRIPTION: When the Oglala Sioux Tribe passed an ordinance separating industrial hemp from its illegal cousin, marijuana, Alex White Plume and his family glimpsed a brighter future. Having researched hemp as a sustainable crop that would grow in the inhospitable soil of the South Dakota Badlands, the White Plumes envisioned a new economy that would impact the 85% unemployment rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation. They never dreamed they would find themselves swept up in a struggle over tribal sovereignty, economic rights, and common sense.

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