Michael Tellinger describes the amazing stone ruins in Africa called Adam’s Calendar

Rayelan interviews author, researcher, and scientist Michael Tellinger, who takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey back in time when the Annunaki ruled Earth.

Stone circle
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A stone circle is a monument of standing stones arranged in a circle. Such monuments have been constructed across the world throughout history for many different reasons.

Michael Tellinger’s website

The Story of Humankind, From the Cradle of Humankind

Slave Species of God
Book by Michael Tellinger

Walk Through Adam’s Calendar – Part 1 of 7
Uploaded by Michaeltellinger on Jan 2, 2011
Michael Tellinger takes you on a tour of Adam’s Calendar – now called Enki’s Calendar. The Flagship among the millions of circular stone ruins of southern Africa – the original gold mining operation on planet Earth.


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    Publisher and producer Michael Tellinger discussed his study of ancient ruins at the southern tip of Africa, which he believes were associated with a vanished civilization that ET visitors, the Annunaki, brought together over 200,000 years ago, when they came here to mine gold.

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