Rayelan sheds more light on her life when her husband, Gunther Russbacher, was in jail

Rayelan shares more of her riveting and cathartic story called “Gunther and Me” that she began to tell Thursday night.

A GREAT STORY Takes MORE than THREE Hours to Tell… Tune In tonight for Part Two of “Gunther & Me”
Posted By: Rayelan
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Date: Friday, 24-Feb-2012 17:09:26

Hebrew prayer repeated several times during the broadcast:
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The Kedushah is traditionally the third section of all Amidah recitations. In the silent Amidah it is a short prayer, but in the repetition, which requires a minyan, it is considerably lengthier.

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tz’vaot M’lo Khol Ha’aretz K’vodo (“Holy, Holy, Holy, The Lord of Hosts, The entire world is filled with His Glory”)
Isaiah 6:3 KJV

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