From past lives to psychopathy: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster covers both and more!

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster discusses the subject of past lives, psychopathy, and how her Presidential campaign differs from the other candidates.

Life Stealers…how to stop them
Life Stealers is dedicated to ensuring humanity understands the costs of the predatory presence of psychopaths living among us at every level. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster serves as one of the board members.

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work
Book by Paul Babiak

Splendour & Squalor by Marcus Scriven
A cast of aberrant, ultimately doomed aristocrats delights Oliver Marre
Guardian UK book review
12 Dec. 2009

The Melinda for President
A Democratic Campaign for Peace, Justice, Prosperity and the Constitution
Click here to log onto the official Melinda Pillsbury-Foster for President website, where W. Leon Smith, editor of the LoneStar Iconoclast, explains why he drafted her to become a candidate in the upcoming Democratic Presidential Primaries.

Click here if you are able to help Melinda in her bid for the presidency.

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