Ron Amitron shares exercises to attract peace and clear alien energies

Are you sensitive to ghosts or the negative DNA of your ancestors? If so, dissipate their power using Ron’s Entity Clearing and Mind-to-Heart-Drop exercises.

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If you’re planning to be in New York City, Mar. 23-25, 2012, you’re invited to register for New Life Expo for an opportunity to attend Ron Amitron’s presentations and speak with him in person.

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877-384-3257 U.S. and Canada

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When asked about last weekend’s storm that ripped through the Hawaiian Islands, Ron attributed the weather event to the Arcturian aliens.

Waterspout / Tornado aftermath in Lanikai! 3-9-2012
Uploaded by kalaheo12 on Mar 9, 2012
A waterspout made land fall in Lanikai and tore up a street! An hour earlier we had golf ball sized hail raining down for about 45 minutes.

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