Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins as of Mar. 14, 2012

Field and David discuss the arrest of Murdoch associate Rebekah Brooks and the likelihood she could expose the Bullingdon pedophile traps set up by Hull House.

To get up to speed quickly about what our forensic economists have been investigating, watch these videos.

Pattern Crimes
Pattern Signs
Pattern Times

Information can also be obtained from their books and online reference material:

Abel Danger Global
Hunter’s Wingman
Sister Abel, Brother Cain
Abel Danger

Obama, Cameron reaffirm Afghan withdrawal plan
By Olivier Knox | The Ticket
Yahoo! News
Mar. 14, 2012

Rupert Murdoch’s Former Right Hand Woman Rebekah Brooks Has Been Arrested
AP / Business Insider
Mar. 13, 2012

Rebekah and Charlie Brooks released on bail
Guardian UK
Mar. 13, 2012

Two Murdoch Journalists Reportedly Attempt Suicide
Adam Taylor
Business Insider
Mar. 6, 2012

Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson: resignation statement
Guardian UK
Jul. 17, 2011

Lester Crown
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lester Crown is the son of Chicago financier Henry Crown, who created Material Service with two brothers in 1919, which merged with General Dynamics in 1959. He has been a perennial member of the Forbes 400 list since 1982.


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4 Responses to Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins as of Mar. 14, 2012

  1. Comment on Jim Sinclair’s MineSet: “Of all the videos ever produced the following one is a must see by everyone:”
    Eurocrats Carry On Up The Khyber, Determined and Delusional, says Farage
    Uploaded by europarl on Mar 14, 2012

  2. It sounds like from this blog report that John Ramsey has been mind-controlled to forget the horrors of Christmas Day 1996.

    John Ramsey Speaks Out About JonBenet
    Eyes for Lies Blog
    Monday, March 19, 2012

    “John Ramsey is out on the media circuit selling a new book that he wrote about his suffering and journey to healing after the murder of his daughter 15 years ago. I saw him first on Anderson Cooper’s show. I can only say “WOW”. Every single thing this man did and said in this interview does not fit with a victim of a horrific crime, if you ask me, and everywhere I go, I see this man dropping red flags like rain drops coming from the sky…”

  3. Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson charged with illegally paying officials
    Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International and Andy Coulson, the Prime Minister’s former director of communications, will be charged with illegally paying officials for information, the Crown Prosecution Service announced today.
    The Telegraph UK
    20 Nov. 2012

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