Lenon Honor delves into the nature of healthy relationships

Lenon Honor is a musician, video producer, writer, and talk show host. He offers personal consultations in marriage, relationships, creativity, and spiritual growth.

“The ability to envision one’s self as having the potential to become greater is what is called Spiritual Vision. It is through spiritual vision that one can engage in the transformative process of spiritual refinement in pursuit of spiritual growth.”
-Lenon Honor

Books by Lenon Honor
“Writings for the Fathers of the World of Tomorrow”
“Deep in the Garden of Consciousness”

Empowering Lecture Series by Lenon Honor
“What is an Honorable Man, How to Attract One, and Knowing that You are Worthy”
“Raising up Masculinity, Honoring the Penis, and Embracing Manhood as a Sacred Institution”

The Coming of Keyto
Lenon Honor is raising funds via Kickstarter and other sources to produce a short film called, “The Coming of Keyto,” which is the story is about a caterpillar who seeks to realize its dream of becoming a butterfly, but in the process, shapes the spiritual destiny of planet Earth.

Musical Background
Lenon Honor has produced 5 albums to date and has performed his music in the U.S. and abroad. His most recent album titled “In the Land of the Ancient Ones” was released in June 2011.


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