Tony Isaacs links early puberty in girls to BPA

Tony Isaacs covers the health benefits of raw honey and how the early onset of puberty for girls may be connected to their exposure to bisphenol-A and other toxins.

The Best Years In Life
Tony Isaacs’ and Luella May’s website

Thanks to BPA and other chemicals the new age of puberty for girls is 10
Tony Isaacs
Natural News
Apr. 9, 2012

BPA changes hormones that control puberty, ovulation
Synopsis by Martha Susiarjo
Environmental Health News
Feb. 18, 2009
More evidence from lab rat studies shows the plastic compound bisphenol A can permanently affect reproductive hormones, resulting in early puberty and odd ovulation patterns.

5 Health Benefits of Raw Honey
Shawn King
Oct. 17, 2009

Manuka Honey Just May Be The “Miracle” You’re Looking For
Dec. 9, 2009

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