J. Thomas Shaw exposes Big Pharma’s agenda through his book, The RX Factor

Government agencies like the FDA are supposed to serve the public as independent watchdogs over their assigned industry. The process, however, has been co-opted by greed, lies, and corruption.

A highly successful business executive who co-founded a national mortgage company called Guaranteed Rate, Inc., John Thomas Shaw learned from his own experience and recovery from a serious heart ailment how Big Pharma is not interested in finding cures to disease, but would rather fulfill their money-driven business model by coming out with more and more drugs. With the help of his good friend, Johnny Powers Ph.D, Shaw has written a medical thriller about the corruption of Big Pharma and the FDA called The RX Factor.

The RX Factor website
Click here to order John Thomas Shaw’s book, The RX Factor, on Amazon.

RX Factor Book Trailer and Video Promo

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