Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins as of Apr. 18, 2012

Field and David shine the spotlight on the DOJ Pride slush fund that extorts huge sums from corporations and shares kickbacks with corrupt enforcement agencies.

To get up to speed quickly about what our forensic economists have been investigating, watch these videos.

Pattern Crimes
Pattern Signs
Pattern Times

Information can also be obtained from their books and online reference material:

Abel Danger Global
Hunter’s Wingman
Sister Abel, Brother Cain
Abel Danger

Presidential Field Links BAE Bribes and DOJ Pride To Air France FADEC Stall
Abel Danger
Apr. 16, 2012
Presidential Field McConnell has linked BAE bribes and DOJ Pride asset-forfeiture funds to hired saboteurs who allegedly hacked FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls) computers on Air France Flight 447 and triggered a fatal nose-up stall.

Warren Buffett cancer diagnosis adds pressure to name successor
By Walter Hamilton
Los Angeles Times
April 17, 2012

International Financial Services London
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
International Financial Services, London, usually shortened to just IFSL, was a private-sector organisation which promoted British financial services. It was formerly known as British Invisibles.

Leveraged Lease
Three-party lease contract under which a lessor borrows some or most of the funds to finance the asset to be leased to a lessee.

OODA loop
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The OODA loop (for observe, orient, decide, and act) is a concept originally applied to the combat operations process, often at the strategic level in military operations. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The concept was developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd.

The US Federal Bridge Certification Authority
The FBCA helps facilitate and simplify secure information exchange by enabling cross-certified agencies’ PKIs to recognize and trust digital signatures and certificates sent from and between other participating government organizations.

BAE Systems
BAE’s global business is based around five home markets: Australia, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

NSA Utah ‘Data Center’: Biggest-ever domestic spying lab?
Russia Today
Mar. 17, 2012

‘Google Bucks’ Were Almost A Real Thing
Dylan Love
Business Insider
Feb. 29, 2012

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