Dr. Patrick Flanagan explains what negative hydrogen ions are and why they’re important

Doc Stump and Patrick McGean invite Phi Sciences founder and inventor Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan to discuss the relationship of negative hydrogen ions to raw food diets and sulfur and magnesium deficiencies.

The Negative Hydrogen Ion
Chelation Therapy Online
Vibrant Life sells a product called “Microhydrin” which is, in fact, minus hydrogen, invented and patented by Dr. Flanagan.

Interview with Dr. Patrick Flanagan contributed by Duncan Crow on Sunday, April 14, 2004
posted by Catherine Y. Rodis, MD
Active H- provides negative ions for your body internally in the form of negatively charged hydrogen which is found naturally in all living systems. Active H- improves biological terrain; you’re going to hear a lot in the future about biological terrain which is the environment of the inside of the body and basically what we’re doing is providing a biological energy terrain which improves the body’s ability to fight all kinds of viruses [and] bacteria.

Blending Versus Juicing
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Jan. 16, 2012
When you’re drinking freshly made juice, you’re getting all of the energy right away without waiting for your body to digest through it.

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