Tom and Joanne offer their roadmap for entering a Peaceful, Prosperous Age

Bankers are panicking as their world is being transformed for the good of all. Listen as Tom and Joanne share how Freedom Club USA is serving to fill the void.

“It’s always darkest before the dawn”

Top level bankers resigning in droves. What does this mean?
Beyond Money
Mar. 14, 2012

Freedom Club USA website
Freedom Club USA is here to guide each of our members to an abundant life and attract financial, health, emotional and spiritual freedoms – enough to be able to give freely and help others through inner awakening.

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Freedom Club USA – Will the Truth Set Us Free?

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3 Responses to Tom and Joanne offer their roadmap for entering a Peaceful, Prosperous Age

  1. tony79

    I need your help!! as many of you who see this please share. I am trying to
    make contact with as many of the members from an organization known as
    Freedom Club USA. this organization has been taking peoples money for over 7
    years with the promise of getting them out of debt by some kind of
    redemption process for lack of a better term. there is information that
    these people are NOT telling it’s members. I am not a member but have been
    working with it’s management for the last 7 years as well as many of it’s
    members. up until recently I have kept quite in the hopes that this
    organization might mean something. NO LONGER WILL I KEEP QUITE. on September
    5th I will be conducting a conference call to help folks understand what is
    going on and what can be done about it. that number is 712-432-3900 PIN
    641016#. the call will be at 6pm PST. If you have never heard of this “club”
    and/or are not a member please re-post because you never know who in your
    friends list might be. I will do a follow-up call on the 19th of September
    in case folks miss the first one, same # same time. thank you.

  2. olga90

    This club is a big scam . they just take your money and give you false hopes, and now they are doing the same thing they did on 2007 , this was the status 5 years ago ,
    (((((Status for Monday, July 9, 2007
    Our system is now being reconfigured for testing after numerous upgrades. We anticipate successful testing next week.”.
    July 15th ain’t gonna happen. It’s time. ))))) And five years later here we go again ((((Our new backend software development team has been making great strides but recently encountered one unexpected glitch. Our Hosting provider decided to upgrade their entire system to a newer release requiring all our development over the last 6 months to be re-tuned. They are well underway with these adjustments, but this will add perhaps a week or two to re-sync and be ready for full production and our first round of live activity.))) same excuse over & over
    they still have fixing the system …THIS IS A SCAM
    Looks like Tom needs some extra cash so he wants his idiot members to send him another grand so they can “receive an additional $100,000”. The only thing he wants to boost is his own bank account. Maybe he can explain how paying an additional $1000 qualifies you for an additional $100,000 payout. The guy just arbitrarily makes these requests for another $1000 and claims that will get you the exact amount of $100,000. Not $65,000 or $83,000 but $100,000. He has no rhyme or reason for making this claim but I guess an idiot believes it. Why are his payouts always these big round sums like $100,000, $250,000, $375,000? Because he makes them up.
    Hey Tom explain why someone sending you $1000 enables you to extract an extra $100,000 out of the banking system that you up to this point haven’t extracted a dime out of.

  3. olga90

    Tom and Joanne are just a big SCAMMERS that they being stealing money from elder people, homeless, ward vets & everybody whose in need of saving their homes , or need money to pay their bills, When they stole your money they will tell you this, we didn’t crate your problems so stop complaint or will cancel your membership, you are not allow to ask any proof of the process or about funding, If you ask any question on the call Tom will tell you, that your fears are based on the way you lived your childhood, and he’ll send you to QE is a another phone call where he claims to help you to release all your fears, and then you will feel so release that you never want to ask question about funding, This is just another way to make you feel special , for not say stupid, Tom and Joanne, Judi Harris, Pere Crawford Wicker ,and Bob Stockton, they are just a bunch a criminals, that play the good guys, but they’re not , all talk about helping other people is just to make you feel that they are an honest organization , their dilemma is WE DON’T SALE , WE JUST TELL A STORY , but who in the right mind who heeds to save their house from foreclosure don’t want to pay $3300 and get millions back, they use reverse psychology to get you, Tom Lawler has a Master Degree on Psychology , So please listen to me & the people who are telling you to stay away from…. FREEDOM CLUB USA…..THEY ARE JUST CON ARTIST

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