A. D. Coleman updates listeners about the Lt. Pike photo that went viral

Using advanced technology readily available today, citizen journalists like UC Davis student Louise Macabitas are able to create compelling content that reaches a wide audience.

Formerly a columnist for the Village Voice, the New York Times, and the New York Observer, A. D. Coleman serves as Publisher and Executive Director of The Nearby Café, a multi-subject electronic magazine where his widely-read blog on photography, “Photocritic International,” appears.

Coleman’s books include:
• The Grotesque in Photography; Light Readings: A Photography Critic’s Writings, 1968-1978
• Critical Focus: Photography in the International Image Community
• Tarnished Silver: After the Photo Boom
• Looking at Photographs: Animals, a work for children
• Depth Of Field: Essays on Photography, Mass Media and Lens Culture
• The Digital Evolution: Visual Communication in the Electronic Age, Essays, Lectures And Interviews 1967-1998.

A. D. Coleman last appeared on the radio show on Dec. 6, 2011.

UC Davis pepper-spray incident
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The UC Davis pepper-spray incident occurred on November 18, 2011, during an Occupy movement demonstration at the University of California, Davis. After asking the protesters to leave, University police pepper-sprayed a group of demonstrators as they were seated on a paved path in the campus quad.

The Silent Strength of Liu Xia Photographs
“The Silent Strength of Liu Xia” is an exhibition of 26 photos by the dissident Chinese photographer, artist, and poet that is currently featured at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in New York City.

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