Scott Eggleston shares how to produce videos on the cheap

Joni Dahlstrom and her son ask professional filmmaker Scott Eggleston for advice on producing quality videos without breaking the bank account.

Scott Eggleston’s website
The Frugal Filmmaker

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Frugal Filmmaker Philosophy
– Watch a lot of movies.
– See how others have done “it”.
– Spend time on your screenplay.
– Surround yourself with talent.
– Smaller crews are preferable.
– If you can’t buy it, build it.
– High quality, low cost.
– Recycle, reuse, repurpose.
– It’s about technique, not gear.
– Distribute and market online.
– Document everything.
– Just make your d*mn movie.

Recommended Video Gear Outlets
B&H Photo and Video
Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems

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