Jef Harvey suggests nutrition tips and ways to prescreen an ideal mate

Dr. Robin Falkov and guest Jef Harvey discuss cutting-edge health topics such as LED therapy, covalent minerals, consciousness projection, and taking DMSO to mitigate scar tissue.

Jef Harvey is a radionics technologist and board-certified Quorum Nutrition Consultant who specializes in chronic disease reversal. He spent 6 years in the Electronics Unit for the US Navy and is highly trained in low-frequency sound therapy.

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Dr. Stanley Jacob
The Father of DMSO

Quantum WARP Light Therapy
The vast majority of the research utilizing Quantum Devices, Inc. HEALSĀ® Technology has been completed by three individuals at the Medical College of Wisconsin: Dr. Harry T. Whelan, MD., Dr. Janis Eells, Ph.D., and Dr. Margaret Wong-Riley, Ph.D.

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