Matthew Hickson unites the political divide separating Left from Right

Matthew Hickson is living proof that today’s youth are willing and able to serve as beacons for positive change in our politically fractured world.

Born in New York and now a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Matt Hickson actively supported Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in 2008. Immersing himself in campus concerns such as public workers’ rights and the slashing of educational budgets, he now sees and recognizes the media-promoted dissonance between the political Left and Right whose focus veers away from the poor and oppressed.

As a student activist, Matt has taken part at shareholders’ meetings, such as those held by Reynolds Tobacco and Bank of America. He is one of the organizers for “The Coalition to March on Wall St South” which aims to express the will and voice of the people at the Democratic National Convention scheduled in September in Charlotte, North Carolina.

March on Wall Street South
Building People’s Power During the DNC, Charlotte NC
Sep. 1-6, 2012

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