Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins as of May 16, 2012

Field and David analyze Mitt Romney’s missionary work in Paris and the founding of Bain Capital in 1984. They also discuss the Sukhoi plane crash and NATO Summit.

Deja vu? Samantha Cameron arrived in New York the day before 9/11 and is expected to be in Chicago this weekend in connection with the NATO Summit.

To get up to speed quickly about what our forensic economists have been investigating, watch these videos.

Pattern Crimes
Pattern Signs
Pattern Times

Information can also be obtained from their books and online reference material:

Abel Danger Global
Hunter’s Wingman
Sister Abel, Brother Cain
Abel Danger

General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout – Chapter 10
Field Abel Danger Encircles Chicago – Sig Sauer Cheese
May 15, 2012

Was Industrial Sabotage at Play with Super Jet crash in Indonesia?
Wayne Madsen
Strategic Culture Foundation Online Journal
12.05.2012 | 07:26

Protesters Gearing Up for Chicago 2012 NATO Summit
May 16, 2012

Monique Wittig
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Monique Wittig (July 13, 1935 – January 3, 2003) was a French author and feminist theorist who wrote about overcoming socially enforced gender roles and who coined the phrase “heterosexual contract”. She published her first novel, L’Opoponax, in 1964. Her second novel, Les Guérillères (1969), was a landmark in lesbian feminism.

Mitt Romney, The French Years
From 1966-1968, Romney spread “the word of Jesus,” door-to-door from Bordeaux to Paris, as a Mormon missionary. It was a tumultuous period, both politically and personally for young Mitt. Indeed, some say his French tribulations are the source of his ambitions.

Bain Capital
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bain Capital is a Boston-headquartered alternative asset management and financial services company that specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit and public market investments. Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by Bain & Company partners Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss.


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  1. Power Hour Radio Show host Joyce Riley interviews actor and patriot ED ASNER to discuss his role in the new documentary entitled “911 Explosive Experts Speak Out” from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth that opens in Beverly Hills tonight (May 22, 2012)!

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