Join Magic Love Bus revolutionaries on their transformative journey

Promoting peace and love sounds like a throwback to the countercultural 1960s. Find out how these ideas have been modernized for 2012 as the Magic Love Bus.

Having left San Francisco in April 2012, Magic Love Bus members participating in today’s radio show include Patrick Hennessey, Jennifer Young, Otto Peace, and Shima Moore. This eclectic and highly talented group use healthy and fun activities like yoga, dancing, drumming, music, and shared conversation to bring people of all races and creeds together to raise the overall consciousness of our planet.

Their itinerary includes cites like Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and New Orleans as well as various locations along the Eastern Seaboard. Check their websites so that you can meet up with them as they travel from coast-to-coast.

2012 Magic Love Bus Journey
Awakening Another Possible World – Coast to Coast

The new breed of vagabond aka

Magic Bus – The Who
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Magic Bus by The Who was released in 1968.

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