Richard Hoagland analyzes next week’s Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit

Richard C. Hoagland explains how next week’s lunar eclipse and Venus Transit are connected to an exciting free energy concept that defies conventional physics.

A familiar voice on Radio RMN and other alternative news programs like Coast to Coast AM, Richard C. Hoagland is a former NASA Consultant who served as Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite at CBS News during the Apollo moon missions.

Hoagland is renown for making ‘Face on Mars’ a familiar term to millions of households after the publication of his first book called “Monuments of Mars, A City On The Edge Of Forever.” His second book co-authored with Mike Bara was titled, “Dark Mission.”

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Click here to listen to an excerpt of Richard’s last appearance on Radio RMN on Sep. 9, 2011.

Partial lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012
The partial lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012 will be partly visible from western United States and Canada while people in Hawaii, New Zealand, and central and eastern Australia wil be able to follow the whole eclipse.

Venus transit may boost hunt for other worlds
The Sun Daily
1 June 2012
WASHINGTON (May 30, 2012): Astronomers around the world will be using advanced telescopes to watch Venus cross in front of the Sun on June 5 and 6 in the hopes of finding clues in the hunt for other planets where life may exist.

The Home of Primordial Energy: The Place for Information from Bruce DePalma
Knowledge and accurate data relating to the Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe – a sea of ‘free energy’, which permeates all.

A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse … and Final Venus Transit
By Richard C. Hoagland

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