Marie Christine Polymenacou shares her geopolitical report for Jun. 8, 2012

Today’s show covers rampant drug use globally, the insanity of the Zombie Apocalypse, and proactive steps that anyone can take to mitigate radiation exposure.

The lie is different at every level
-Richard C. Hoagland

Marie Christine graduated from Deree College with a B.A. in Marketing, Advertising and Consumer Behaviour. She has served as fashion editor for a number of well-known magazines, including Harper’s, Esquire, Status, and Mondo Uomo. Her language proficiencies include Greek, English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

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Leuren Moret: Fukushima-depopulation update; offers solutions
Published on May 15, 2012 by ExopoliticsTV

Radiation Network Message Board
Provides online explanations for some radiation readings that appear abnormal or dangerous, such as the recent event reported in South Bend, IN.

Just Ask Alice video games

Hagmann & Hagmann Report Special Program: The “Zombie Apocalypse”

Developing: Nuclear Cover-Up? Extreme Radiation Levels Prompt EPA Censorship, DHS Hazmat Team
Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post
June 8, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations draw to close
by Karla Adam
The Washington Post
June 5, 2012

A 26-foot-tall Anubis Statue Installed at Denver International Airport
Red Ice Creations
June 3, 2010

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