Cosmic Awareness helps us face the chaotic changes that are everywhere

Cosmic Awareness shares what many have said: That our experiences reflect our thoughts. While change is everywhere, we can choose a peaceful or chaotic outcome.

“Ascension is the process of awakening to one’s true nature”
-Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness defines itself as the Divine Vibration of the Universe so it can’t be misconstrued to be an entity or personality. It is the same Force that all the great avatars of the past tapped into for their spiritual wisdom and insight. Will Berlinghof, who is in the process of completing his move from Calgary to New Zealand to live with his new bride, communicates with Cosmic Awareness by allowing his mind and body to enter into a deep trance.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Rayelan’s last interview with Cosmic Awareness that aired on Mar. 23.

Click here to learn more about Will Berlinghof and his work, or contact him via email.

David Icke – We Create Our Own Reality
Published on Aug 30, 2009 by LiberdadeHumana
In this clip taken from the “David Icke: The Freedom Road” DVD, David Icke explains how we create our own reality.

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