Nancy Hopkins says, It’s time for people to demand to hear the Truth

Since the JFK Assassination, Nancy Hopkins has repeatedly questioned official pronouncements and shares many of the key points she makes in her two books.

“The United States Government is run by the oil companies,”
“The only way to find out what is really happening is to join the establishment,”
and “You are not alone.”
-notable quotes from Nancy Hopkins

At the University of Massachusetts, Nancy received a Bachelor’s degree in history, specializing in the Soviet Union. After she enlisted in the U.S. Army, her superiors trained her in advanced subjects like electronic warfare, the fundamentals of metaphysics, and the energy systems that are at the core of everything.

After leaving active duty and the reserves, she began researching and writing what she learned. By 1983, she had composed a 600-page nonfiction book. Knowing that few people would be interested in buying and reading such a lengthy and detailed document, she later condensed the material which she titled, “Cosmic Reality, The John Kennedy – Jesus Christ Connection.” Unable to find a publishing house to print and distribute her book, she made it available to the public as a free download in 2003.

In 2010 Nancy learned that the Internet server where her websites were located had been hacked and that her Cosmic Reality book had been taken offline. By then Nancy had spent 9 years researching 9/11. She then embarked on a new writing project, which she turned into a self-published novel called The 9/11 Crusade, which is also the title of her current website.

9/11 Crusade
9/11 Crusade is a work of fiction by Nancy Hopkins that revolves around the ongoing debate concerning the events of 9/11.

Cosmic Reality, The John Kennedy – Jesus Christ Connection
Available as a PDF download (please share with others).

Rules of Cosmic Reality
1. Reality is what we think it is.
2. Majority rules.
3. Those who are in positions of power will keep everybody else from knowing the first two rules of cosmic reality.

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  1. Questions and points posted in the Radio RMN chatroom:

    13 Jul 12, 11:52 AM
    Joshua James Ryan Lawrenc: 1. I heard years ago a Demolition countdown recording that Alex Jones had and now can’t find it anywhere.

    13 Jul 12, 11:53 AM
    Joshua James Ryan Lawrenc: 2. Does Nancy know the stories relating to the owner of the Flight school in FL and the casino cruiseships?

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