The Technocrats Examine Their Handiwork

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

The Banker asked, “Is it time?” Safely perched in their underground bunker enclosed in state-of-the-art materials that provided full protection from extreme temperatures, moisture, and radiation, the Group of Globalists stepped back from the various monitors that continuously displayed a panoramic view of the earth’s surface. Nearly all life forms that had been in existence just 10 years prior had been wiped out by wars, floods, fires, earthquakes, disease, and radioactive fallout.

Drones and robots were deployed around-the-clock to remove the decaying carcasses and place them into mass graves or huge furnaces for incineration. There was silence for what seemed like an eternity. Then their trusted Leader spoke up in a firm voice. “Yes, it’s time. Let’s don our protective gear, beam ourselves up to the gateway terminal that we set up years ago, and use the supersonic SS-33 spacecraft to examine our successful takeover of the planet.”

One by one, the Group put on their protective clothing and entered the secret underground tunnel that led them to the 20-foot tall particle beam accelerator. For a brief moment, the General and Technocrat struggled with the intricacies of the handheld device that would transport the clique to a safe zone just below the planetary surface. When they stopped fighting over the use of the device, the two cabal members were able to initiate the proper frequency for launching. As the group members waited their turn in line, the Media Mogul began to sweat profusely while the Druggist began to wobble as if she was going to faint. Fortunately, both regained their composure and balance prior to the launch, and the Group took off on their long-awaited journey.

By the year 2025, the wealthy Globalists were in complete control of the earth’s resources. Nine years prior, they had passed legislation that made it illegal to grow foods using organic fertilizers, prescribe alternative healing technologies, and procreate through natural selection. Powerful men and women who believed in the infallibility of science replaced the old guard who had their faith in a spiritual power whom they felt was the creator behind all things.

The agnostic cabal had forced millions of people to relocate themselves into stack-and-pack housing projects that could be monitored for energy use 24 hours a day using smart technology. They deployed weather modification systems that wreaked havoc and fear among the citizenry by artificially creating 1000-year floods and droughts. Poisons were administered daily to the populace by delivering fluoridated water to homes, mandating vaccines, and by production of synthetic foods made from genetically engineered ingredients.

Because they controlled the news media, the Group leaders were able to censor and silence anyone who dared to expose and oppose their tyrannical mandates. The catalyst that triggered the final breakdown of society occurred when strict gun control laws were passed amidst a firestorm of protests. As society disintegrated into anarchy and civil war, bribes and political favors were freely bestowed upon media moguls, corporate executives, doctors, and government bureaucrats to encourage them to participate in the mass cover-up and betrayal.

After the particle accelerator had successfully transported the Group to the temporary way station, they encountered a pair of closed elevator doors about 10 feet wide and 15 feet high. The General pressed the push button on the wall that was labeled, “For Authorized Personnel Only.” The doors opened and the motorized floorboard below their feet quickly moved the Group to the command center of the SS-33 craft. Their Leader stood erect as he addressed his team of supporters. “What city should we tour? Does anyone have a preference?” The Banker quickly made his voice heard and shouted, “New York City! I would like to see what Wall Street looks like.”

Before the Group’s journey, Technocrat was assigned the job of programming the spacecraft to travel to their desired destination. By 2025, computer keyboards and voice recognition systems were considered passé and no longer in use, except in rare situations. All Technocrat had to do was stand on a sensitized piece of carpet and think the words, “New York,” and the craft’s navigational system would subliminally pick up on his request.

Once Technocrat completed his assignment, a booming, human-sounding voice began to be heard over the loudspeaker, “Thank you for choosing New York City! You will be hovering over the area in two-to-three minutes. For the best view, be sure to look straight out the front window or over to the right. It’s been my pleasure to serve you.”

The bunker was constructed in a secret location that was obscured from public view by mountains on all sides. Technology had advanced to where the disc-shaped craft could penetrate and move through solid objects such as rock formations and steel doors and travel far above Mach 1 speeds without creating a sonic boom or causing travel discomfort among the passengers and crew.

Once outside the hanger, the SS-33 moved swiftly and stealthily across the landscape. In no time at all, the Globalists found themselves staring through the sealed windows at the lower floors of the Empire State Building that had crumpled into a heap of concrete and steel after it was hit by a massive tsunami that was triggered by a 12.0 earthquake that occurred in the Atlantic Ocean near the Azores. Other landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Macy’s Building also lay in ruins. The Banker strained his eyes to catch a glimpse of the remnants of the New York Stock Exchange Building located in Lower Manhattan. From every vantage point, the viewers saw nothing but destruction for miles around. There was no sign of life anywhere. Aside from the drones and robots that were programmed to remove human remains from the streets and buildings, the Big Apple had turned into a ghost town.

As Group members were congratulating themselves on their successful takeover of the planet, their space craft encountered a strong wind current that peppered the front window with bits of debris and paper objects that originated from ground level. Torn out of a hardcover book that had been stored in the permanent collection room at the New York City Library, a scrap of paper took temporary refuge on the outside window, kept in place by the wind. The piece of paper contained a well-known passage from the Bible that was clearly readable: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36 KJV)”

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