The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 7 The Smoking Guns

The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a nine-part video documentary about the Kennedy assassination that was produced by Nigel Turner and originally aired in England in 1988. Arts & Entertainment Company purchased the rights to the original two segments. Three episodes were produced in 1991 and a sixth was added in 1995. In November 2003 on the 40th anniversary of the assassination, three more segments were added by the History Channel. Part 7 is one of the History Channel programs added in 2003.

Some assassination-related topics discussed in Part 7 include:

• Are there credible witnesses who can claim that the windshield of the Presidential limousine was struck by a bullet, indicating that a shot had hit the front of the vehicle which would refute the lone gunman theory?

• What compelling testimony about the fatal wound to JFK’s head did the House Special Committee on Assassinations totally ignore or dismiss?

• Who was John Melvin Liggett and how does his profession as a mortician fit in with the assassination investigation?

This video is posted for educational and historical purposes only, which is clearly acceptable under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Aug 2, 2012

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