Prophetic Changes Appear Likely For 2016. Are You Prepared?

Most people would probably agree that our planetary environment is undergoing a major shift at this time. Many are quick to point out that the signs associated with these changes were prophesied and documented centuries ago in the bible (e.g., deployment of “mark of the beast” technology; mass shooting events and the wanton destruction of cities like Damascus; extreme weather events coupled with massive fish deaths; the rise of satanic worship and the persecution of Christian believers).

Jason A, an active YouTube member, recently posted a 13-minute video where he examines the changes that have already taken place and where humanity may be headed in the coming year. Perhaps the most inspiring sentiment expressed in his video comes near the end where two young girls express the hope and the glory of their belief.

Are You Ready? EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE IN 2016… (Prophetic Events)
Jason A
Dec 27, 2015

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