There was no shootout in Oregon, contrary to what the media is reporting

Oregon Truth | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Jan. 27th 2016

For a shootout to occur, there have to be two parties firing at each other. In the case of Ammon Bundy’s group and the now deceased Robert LaVoy Finicum in particular, they never fired a shot at the FBI on Jan 26, 2016 according to witnesses. Unfortunately, many Americans who refuse to do any independent research into the Hammond Ranch controversy and rely solely on what they’re told by the mainstream media, will conclude that these individuals who were occupying public lands and were on their way to a public meeting to try to resolve the standoff were domestic terrorists and militants who deserved the treatment that they received.

MSM Successfully Paints Burns Oregon Protesters as Terrorists
AMTV | Jan 27, 2016


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