Exposing the agenda in H.G. Wells’ Elite Manifesto

Posted by Sarah Westall
Published on Aug 22, 2017
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In this interview, Wayne Jett discusses H.G. Wells’ Elite Manifesto and how it was received at the time of its release at the turn of the 20th century. He also describes how the book has been used as a roadmap for specific elites to follow as a means of implementing societal changes. This will surely be information that is not taught in school. Learn more about Wayne Jett and his book “The Fruits of Graft” at Classical Capital.


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2 Responses to Exposing the agenda in H.G. Wells’ Elite Manifesto

  1. https://fabians.org.uk/about-us/
    The Fabian Society is a socialist organisation which aims to promote:
    • greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity
    • the value of collective action and public service
    • an accountable, tolerant and active democracy
    • citizenship, liberty and human rights
    • sustainable development
    • multilateral international cooperation

  2. Some of the Fabian Society’s early members included the playwright George Bernard Shaw, the writers and educators Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the feminist Emmeline Pankhurst, and the novelist H. G. Wells.
    Online Library of Liberty

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