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David Lincoln says, Let’s hold corporations accountable for the toxins they emit

Why are our children contracting cancers and other illnesses previously unknown with their age group? Could our lethal environment be a factor? As a point of reference, consider our daily exposure to mercury from coal-burning power plants, dental fillings, vaccines, and the seafood we eat.

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Is a 2nd sun nearing earth? How bad is the Fukushima radiation? Let’s ask Dr. Mark Sircus

Author Dr. Mark Sircus shares his observations about planetary movements, bizarre weather patterns, and Fukushima with Patrick McGean and Dr. Richard Stump.

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Support Tim Bolen and Bob Reeves in their efforts to eliminate mercury in vaccines

Instead of taking deadly vaccines pushed by Big Pharma and mainstream doctors, the public would be far better off boosting their Vitamin D levels. Tune in and learn why!

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