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The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 8 The Love Affair

Part 8 of this video documentary features Judyth Vary Baker, who recounts her role in the secret cancer project in New Orleans that also involved Lee Harvey Oswald during the turbulent summer and fall months of 1963 just before the Kennedy assassination.

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Conspiracy Café host George Freund interviews Judyth Vary Baker

In part two of this studio interview recorded in Toronto, Canada in Oct 2011, Judyth Vary Baker, author of “Me and Lee” and “David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot,” offers her personal recollection of the people, places, and events leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy on Nov 22, 1963.

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Support Kimberly Wolf in spreading the truth about the oil spill aftermath

Kimberly Wolf is a New Orleans activist who shares her personal knowledge about the damage and debilitating illnesses caused by the Gulf Coast oil spill.

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