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Can’t believe the crazy news that’s being reported? Find out what Eben Rey has to say

From artificial breast milk to endless laws that micro-manage lives, there’s no shortage of news stories that make us shake our heads in bewilderment.

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Rayelan connects Princess Diana and Project Blue Beam with the New World Religion

In her inimitable style, Rayelan tells how Princess Diana, the Merovingian bloodline, Pont d’Alma, NASA, Mind Control, and Project Blue Beam tie into the plan for a New World Religion.

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John DiNardo: The signs point to a satanic sacrifice for this Friday

Friday marks the Shuttle Launch, Royal Wedding, and burial of John P. Wheeler III. Rayelan and guest John DiNardo assess the potential for Ritual Sacrifice that day.

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Dr. Rod Lewis offers his views on energy prices, fiat money, and the global economy

Rod Lewis, publisher of Serge Monast’s books about Project Blue Beam, offers his views about the countries (e.g., China) jockeying for control of the global economy.

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