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Jill Mattson offers her expert views about frequency-based wellness and healing

Jill Mattson, author of Ancient Sounds, Modern Healing (and her latest book, Secret Sounds: Ultimate Healing), describes her 25-year journey that connects music and sound to healing and expanded consciousness.

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Sharry and Richard analyze the crackdown on filming the police in public

Co-hosts Sharry Edwards and Richard Olson assess the ominous trend toward arresting bystanders taking photos and videos of police activities.

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Film producer Richard Sachs explains how we all came into being

Film producer for Gia Film Productions, LLC, Richard Sachs offers insights about some of the most fascinating people on the planet and their leading-edge ideas.

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Are the Feds withholding radiation data? Let’s ask Sharry Edwards and Richard Olson

Regarding nuclear radiation, you can either bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not a health problem, or you can take a proactive approach and use the tools that Sharry Edwards provides such as her Radical Rescue software.

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Justin St. Vincent discusses his book, The Spiritual Significance of Music

Topics covered include the Burzynski cancer therapy video and a prerecorded interview with Justin St. Vincent, Director and Founder of Xtreme Music.

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