Jill Mattson offers her expert views about frequency-based wellness and healing

Jill Mattson, author of Ancient Sounds, Modern Healing (and her latest book, Secret Sounds: Ultimate Healing), describes her 25-year journey that connects music and sound to healing and expanded consciousness.


About Jill and the Power of Sound
This website (jillswingsoflight.com) is the result of my personal journey that began over 25 years ago. I have had a lifelong love for music that together with my ardent spiritual quest (eventually) led me to study the use of sound for healing and expanding the human spirit and consciousness.

From early on, I was drawn to the study of antiquity. I spent years researching what Ancient Cultures and Masters throughout the ages, had uncovered concerning the power of Sound to heal and transform the human body, mind and soul. I collected voluminous materials, on what I refer to today, as Sound Healing (aka Vibratory Healing, BioAcoustics, Music Therapy among other names). I uncovered remarkable discoveries from the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Hindiis, Rosecrustrians, Tibetian Monks, Kaballah, Theosophy, Great White Brotherhood, and many others.

I read everything that I could find regarding novel uses of sound frequencies and I learned that there were modern geniuses doing ground breaking work on the power of sound. I met many of these modern masters – or their heirs in some cases. As I began to appreciate the tremendous depth and variety of the work on Sound Healing (Ancient & Modern) – and the amazing history and tradition of Sound Healing – I felt compelled to write a book: Ancient Secrets ~ Modern Healing.

This is a unique book in which I include interviews with 13 leading researchers in the field and I reveal rare secrets from many Ancient traditions. This book is unlike any other and it is a great introduction to this blossoming field and the Power of Vibratory Energy to Heal and Empower all of us.

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3 Responses to Jill Mattson offers her expert views about frequency-based wellness and healing


    Here is more information on healing with sound and music! I just
    love this stuff!!!

    Sound and music will someday become a form of vibrational medicine,
    healing us in soooo many wonderful ways. I know there is a lot to
    learn to understand how to use sound vibrations to heal, and
    improve our minds, feelings and spirits, but the fast way to learn
    is so simple. Just listen to your heart! When you hear music that
    you like, it tunes you! Your heart will take you to music that
    blesses YOU!

    I just finished writing the words to a new song, and I found some
    nifty information in ancient Hindi texts. It is about the
    vibrational benefits of each vowel sound. Since each sound is
    different, its affect on YOU is different!

    Each vowel has a psychological significance. The composition of
    every word has a chemical and psychological significance as well.
    Every vowel and consonant has an individual effect on the body.
    Every word or sound charges the area with certain magnetism. The
    physical body is affected by vibration.

    E denotes a feminine quality of grace, wisdom, beauty and
    O and U have a masculine quality of power and expression.
    A has the perfection of both qualities.

    I thought it would be fun to think about your own name, and what
    you say about yourself when your name is spoken. What vowel sounds
    are in YOUR name!

    Hugs and a great day to you! Let the music play YOU!


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