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Cosmic Awareness tells us what he knows about the latest series of Earth Changes

Violent earthquakes. Tsunamis. Volcanic eruptions. Threat of nuclear fallout. Cosmic Awareness, via intuitive Will Berlinghof, presents his frank and timely views.

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What’s up with the Australian floods and bird and fish kills? Let’s ask Cosmic Awareness

Communicating via channeler Will Berlinghof, Cosmic Awareness answers challenging philosophical questions such as, What is causing these massive earth changes and can I break free of my birth contract that no longer serves me?

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Cosmic Awareness, channeled by Will Berlinghof, demystifies the nature of the Divine Force

Cosmic Awareness lit up the phone lines during his Mar. 8 interview and returns to answer more questions about the Pure Consciousness that permeates All.

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A gifted channeler named Will shares the ageless wisdom of Cosmic Awareness

Follow the advice of all great avatars and sages: question, search for, and discover the Divine Truth in you that expresses Itself in all of Creation.

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