Mike Cechanowicz tells us how to discover our True Self

Today we interview Mike Cechanowicz, a Norwegian artist and NLP trainer who shares with us how knowledge of the Truth supersedes truth given by authorities.

Born in the USA in 1950, Mike Cechanowicz has been a permanent resident and citizen of Norway since 1971.

Mike is an award-winning advertising and artistic photographer who began a second career in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming in 1990.

Certified as an NLP trainer in 1994, Mike is the owner of Active Choice NLP located in the outskirts of Oslo and has been employed as a psychotherapist, coach, consultant and teacher. He wrote his first book about the psychological-social work environment for the Norwegian Trade Union.

Mike writes:

Systems thinking skills show how important it is to identify the primary cause that creates the majority of problems within a system. This is to avoid symptom treatment and fire fighting as a system for problem solving. The question about the nature of consciousness is the most essential question one can ask. The answer to that question is the foundation for how we structure our mental maps. That is also the foundation for our perception of mission, identity, values, abilities, morals, boundaries, responsibility, behavior and much more. Modern belief systems about consciousness are in conflict with each other and create an illusion of differences that bind our culture to a self-destructive form for behavior. We must find a better alternative, before it is too late.

The author has used two years to systematize over twenty years of evidence, experience and research results about the nature of consciousness. Through a personal and easily read style he guides the reader through a series of phenomenon and models of understanding that create a unique insight into a very complicated landscape.

This shows that much of what we believed to be true is actually wrong, limiting and destructive. The acknowledgment of consciousness as spirit puts us on the right track toward discovering our true self. With this knowledge, we can replace faith with true knowledge. The process demands a form of de-hypnotizing earlier accepted assumptions and belief systems formed by materialism and religion. These make us dependent, unconscious, stupid and helpless.

The truth that comes from authorities should never replace the power of authority from knowledge of the truth.

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