Learn about Earth’s true history from Sheldan Nidle

We are pleased to present SHELDAN NIDLE, M.A., who is a representative of the Galactic Federation of Light and author of the best-selling books: You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, Your First Contact, and Your Galactic Neighbors.

Sheldan’s galactic contacts communicate with him directly (without channeling) to provide weekly updates on Earth’s true history and destiny and on extraterrestrial science, culture and spirituality. Sheldan is the founder of Planetary Activation Organization. PAO’s mission is to prepare Earth for full consciousness, first contact, galactic society, and Earth stewardship.

Due to Sheldan’s extensive education and research, he is able to bring an astute, rational and scientific approach to this controversial subject. Sheldan has advanced degrees in Political Science: Southeast Asian Government, American Politics, and International Public Administration and also has a background in science and Tesla technology.

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