Rayelan interviews acclaimed channeler, Michael Ellegion

We are pleased to present Michael Ellegion, noted Channel for the Masters and co-author of “Prepare for the Landings.”

Here is how our guest, Michael Ellegion describes his life and work:

I was born Mark Block in Boulder City, Nevada, on September 20th, 1953 at 4:35 a.m. with the conscious memory of being aboard a Starship. I knew I was from a more advanced planet and had many conscious memories that I did not want to share with anyone until I was older.

Shortly after my birth, my parents, Paul and Arlene Block, moved to Vista, a small, sleepy town north of San Diego that was only 7 miles from the ocean. For the most part, I enjoyed a fairly normal childhood. My mother was a school teacher, while my father was an inventor who attained notoriety for designing the first Parasail. He and his invention appeared on the covers of LIFE and LOOK Magazine during the 1950’s. Growing up, my older brother and I took turns testing my father’s invention while we played on the beach. In addition to being an inventor, my father was a professional stage hypnotist and pilot who was a lifelong student and follower of Edgar Cayce.

My father knew that Edgar Cayce was activated as a Channel by a hypnotist. He recognized my innate abilities early on and helped me develop into the Channel that I was destined to become. As a child I began to have spiritual experiences, including several that I document in my new book called “Prepare For The Landings” that I co-authored with fellow contactee and health intuitive, Aurora Light, also known as the Amusing Muse.

When I was 6 years old, I experienced my first contact with ETs. When I was 15 years of age, I started giving Karmic Readings to people who lived at various locations along the West Coast of the United States. In 1979 I was physically beamed up to the Spiritual Hierarchy’s spacecraft known as a Merkabah Lightship. After this encounter, I was activated as a “Direct-Voice Channel for the Spiritual Hierarchy.” Since that time, I have been exclusively giving Readings to the Lightworkers or Star People. For the past 25 years, I have given thousands of Readings, helping many achieve their Greater Destiny and assisting the Lightworkers in ushering in the Golden Age.

Prepare For The Landings is the first of six books in the Divine Blueprint Series. Below are links where interested readers can download books in electronic form or order paperback copies.

Prepare For The Landings
Channel For The Masters

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