Is your building haunted or are you seeing ghosts? Call Dr. Michael Sinclair

Our guest is Dr. Michael Sinclair, founder of the Orion Paranormal Investigation Firm that helps individuals who are experiencing active paranormal activity.

Dr. Michael L. Sinclair, Msc.D., first demonstrated his keen interest in paranormal phenomena at the age of 14 when he conducted shows for students at a planetarium located in Fremont, CA.

At age 15, Michael performed scientific experiments in accordance with the tested methodologies of Rosicrucian University. At age 17, he first began to study and apply the principles of the Science of Mind that was founded in the 1920’s by Dr. Ernest Holmes. At age 21, Michael trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He studied Pre-Med for 3 years before obtaining an Engineering degree that included a minor in both Chemistry and Business Management. Michael is a Level II REIKI practitioner who recently obtained his Doctorate in Metaphysics. He is also a published writer whose poetry appears in the book, “Walking in Shadows.”

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