If you fall ill from exposure to a toxic chemical called Cidex, listen to Sally and Jerry

Sally is a nurse who is ill due to her former employer’s mandate that she use a toxic disinfectant called Cidex. She and her husband Jerry describe her case.

Sally was employed as a nurse for 24 years. Her former employer never acknowledged or warned her of the dangers of Cidex, whose main ingredient, Glutaraldehyde, is known to cause skin rashes, asthma, fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea, and a burning throat.

Sally deserves to receive legal recourse and compensation for her medical expenses that are attributed to her daily exposure to Cidex. Many of you who work in health care environments have probably come in contact with this toxic chemical or others like it on the market. By listening to today’s program, you will begin to understand why you are sick and become motivated to take action.

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