Lt. Comm. Alberta Jones discusses the coverup of her sexual harassment case

Sexual harassment charges are filed in 1989. Officers who don’t investigate the charges and have friends in high places are rewarded. The accused goes free.

Twenty years ago, Lt. Commander Alberta Rose Jones filed a complaint with the United States Navy that she had been sexually discriminated against and harassed while stationed at her post in California. Among her charges, she asserted that Captain Dan Speed repeatedly harassed her by showing photos of himself in the nude. Her allegations have never been investigated. Moreover, since that time, the Navy has constantly tortured her and her family by subjecting them to covert surveillance and mind control games. The abuse has been so bad that her son is dying.

Three naval officers who were on friendly terms with former President George Bush Senior played a key role in covering up her sexual harassment case.

Captain Skip Moyer III served as the White House Affairs’ Military Officer during President Bush’s term in office.

Admiral J.J. Hernandez knew of Captain Speed’s history of sexual wrongdoing. Like Captain Moyer, Admiral Hernandez refused to investigate the matter.

Vice Admiral John H. “Jack” Fetterman was well-known within Navy circles as the admiral who created the ethics course. After the Tailhook Scandal became headline news, the Naval Academy adopted his course as a requirement. In 1992, a member of Fetterman’s staff was discharged from service for making homosexual advances and Fetterman was suspended for not reporting the case to criminal investigators.

Not wanting to embroil the Navy in another scandal, Fetterman accepted a one-star demotion in rank and retired from active duty on March 1, 1993. Six months after retiring, he filed an appeal that restored his full rank. Fetterman died in 2006.

As if restoring Vice Admiral Fetterman’s rank wasn’t enough, the Navy transferred Captain Speed to a command post in San Diego and allowed him to retire with full honors.

It is high time for Justice to be served.

For further info about the case, log onto and view a clip of her appearance on the Geraldo Show.

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