Mike Hammond warns about the biased treatment of gun owners under ObamaCare

As Mike Hammond points out, ObamaCare proponents have inserted a provision in the bill to make gov’t health insurance more expensive for Americans who own guns.

Mike Hammond is a political consultant and writer who serves as General Counsel for Gun Owners of America. From 1977-1989, he served as General Counsel to the U.S. Senate Steering Committee. During his many years on Capitol Hill, Mike served as legislative counsel to several Senators, including Bob Smith (R-NH), Gordon Humphrey (R-NH), Jesse Helms (R-NC), and Steve Symms (R-ID).

As Mike points out, the issue of gun control is extremely important to the forces who are pushing single payer health care. One of the items in the proposed legislation is a mandate that states that anyone who can afford health insurance must pay for it. Failure to do so would result in a fine and/or jail time. Hammond contends that the way that the bill has been written could lower premiums for individuals and families who do not own guns.

While Barney Frank, Rahm Emanuel, and other proponents of the public option claim they are not interested in implementing single payer health care, their statements are not supported by their words, as indicated by the YouTube video.

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