Ken Welch analyzes Obama, the moon bombing, and other breaking news using reversed speech

Back by popular demand, reversed speech expert Ken Welch provides his perspective of breaking news that he wasn’t able to cover during last week’s show.

Ken Welch is a researcher and writer. During the 1990’s, he published a book called Wishes Granted (now out-of-print) that was designed to teach ordinary people how to create their own subliminal and altered-state programming for self-empowerment. Ken has been involved with reversed speech work since 1997. Many believe his skills at finding and publishing speech reversals is the best on the planet.

In 2006 Ken noticed a strong increase in the number of stories circulating on the Internet about terrorists bringing a nuclear bomb into the United States. Sensing that these stories had the earmarks of a psyops campaign to prepare everyone for the actual event, Ken began to investigate. Reversed speech from the White House revealed that the federal government planned to set off a nuke in an American city and use the event as an excuse to invade Iran in order to steal that country’s oil reserves.

Enlisting the aid of other reversed speech practitioners, Ken compiled massive audio documentation of the false-flag attack which was aimed at an outdated oil terminal in Texas City, Texas, and scheduled for the Easter holidays. Ken then created a website so that the whole world could listen to the speech reversals from Washington that outlined the plan.

Ken’s report was dubbed the Easter Surprise and became an overnight sensation. When the time came for the actual event, nothing happened. Reversed speech from the White House revealed that Ken’s report had caused panic in Washington and forced the abandonment of the plan.

Since that time, Washington has tried on at least five other occasions to create a false-flag, nuclear incident, both here and abroad. Ken has documented every one of them. Ken has also explored the 9-11 hoax and the U.S. space program, revealing information that is simply not available anywhere else.

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