Robert Peters explains how adult pornography harms children

Robert Peters calls attention to a glaring loophole that contributes to the sex-ploitation of children by allowing adult pornography to proliferate on the web.

Robert Peters is an attorney based in New York City who serves as President of Morality in Media (MIM), a tax-exempt organization founded in 1962 for the purpose of informing citizens and public officials about the harmful effects of adult pornography.

MIM uses constitutional means to curb traffic in illegal obscenity and maintains a website where citizens can report federal violations of Internet obscenity laws.

Citing news sources, court cases, social science studies, and Congressional testimonies, Peters has written a new report that provides overwhelming evidence that the proliferation of adult pornography on the Internet contributes to the sexual exploitation of children. Peters proclaims that any endeavor to protect our children from illegal sexual endangerment can no longer exclude “legal” adult entertainment.

“I can only hope this report will awaken some influential people who are fighting hard to curb sexual exploitation of children but who have turned their backs on the explosion of ‘adult pornography’ on the Internet and elsewhere. (In doing that, we are) making a tragic mistake.”

We live at a time when our collective efforts to protect future generations are more important and challenging than ever. What Robert Peters knows about the pornography problem will shock and alarm every parent and guardian who listens to this program.

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