Eugene Turner-El unveils the Secret History of the Moors in America

Eugene Turner-El will shake up your religious beliefs and sense of history by sharing his knowledge about the Moors and their relationship to blacks in the U.S.

Eugene Turner-El is the Supreme Grand Sheikh of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science that Timothy Drew (later known as Prophet Noble Drew Ali) started in New Jersey under another name in 1913. Starting out as a civic organization, the Moorish Science Temple eventually relocated to Chicago and was transformed into a divine religious movement.

Drew Ali claimed that African Americans were all descended from the North African tribe known as the Moors, were of Muslim heritage, and that their true nature had been withheld from them. Following the traditions started by Drew Ali, male members of the Temple wear a fez as head covering while women wear a turban. They add the suffixes Bey or El to their surnames to signify their Moorish heritage and their acceptance of a new religion and identity that was taken from them when their ancestors were forcibly brought to the United States as slaves. The leader of a particular temple is known as a Grand Sheik, or Governor.

As Drew Ali began to teach the Moorish-Americans to become better citizens, he made speeches in which he urged them to reject derogatory labels, such as “Black,” “colored,” and “Negro.” He urged Americans of all races to reject hate and embrace love. He believed that Chicago would become a second Mecca.

Several months after the Temple held its first convention in October 1928, Drew Ali was arrested in Chicago on suspicion of killing Claude Green-Bey, who had instigated a coup within the organization. Here is where the story becomes murky.

Drew Ali died at his home in Chicago at the age of 43 in July, 1929. Some believe his death was attributed to injuries sustained at the hands of the police or from other members of the Temple. There is also reason to suspect that the International Banking community had a hand in his death.

For more information, go to U.S. BANKRUPTCY AND THE MOORS #1.

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  1. Black Supremacist Cults are Behind Black American Culture
    by CR (
    June 20, 2018
    Most of these groups can be traced back to the “prophet” Timothy Drew, (January 8, 1886 – July 20, 1929), better known as Noble Drew Ali, founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

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