Dr. John Toth leads fight for equal rights for alternative healthcare practitioners

Focusing on the rights of alternative healthcare practitioners, Dr. Robin Falkov interviews retired physician Dr. John Toth, George Gaboury, and Frank Cuny.

Dr. Toth practiced medicine for 53 years. His proven approach to treating allergies and maintaining wellness consists of employing natural foods, IV vitamins and minerals, IV hydrogen peroxide, chelation therapy, and other forms of environmental medicine.

Since his retirement, Dr. Toth has joined forces with Frank Cuny and the California Citizens For Health Freedom (CCFHF) to spearhead legislation that uphold the rights of doctors who practice alternative medicine in California. Through their efforts, the state legislature passed a landmark bill that allows alternative healthcare physicians who are required to appear before the medical board to be reviewed by both an allopathic physician and by one of his or her peers. Censure would be entertained ONLY if the alternative healthcare physician agreed that the actions of the applicant under review were inappropriate.

CCFHF members are hard at work in pushing for legislation in the state of California that would make it acceptable to treat cancer by alternative, nutritional methods.

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