Dr. Joye Pugh talks about Da Vinci, Prince William, and the Shroud of Turin

Dr. Joye Pugh has been researching Biblical prophecy for over 30 years and offers her views of Good and Evil, End Times, UFOs, cloning, and the Shroud of Turin.

Dr. Pugh first became interested in End of Time Prophecies when she was just six years old and was moved by an unforgettable dream filled with images of chaos and destruction that bore a striking resemblance to the stories depicted in the Book of Revelation. She believes that 2012 will mark the beginning of a seven-year period of end times.

Dr. Pugh contends that the “fallen angels” may have tinkered with human genetics in order to create evil. She associates ET visitations with the fallen angels.

Furthermore, her Biblical research has led her to conclude that the Shroud of Turin is an authentic artifact that contains remnants of Christ’s blood. She suggests that Prince William was actually cloned from this blood remnant, and that Princess Diana was murdered because she was going to reveal this fact to the world. Dr. Pugh speculates that Prince William may even be the so-called Antichrist. Her web site and the YouTube video below compares contemporary photos of Prince William to facial images found on the Shroud of Turin and on a 6th Century Jesus Sinai painting.

At the end of hour 1 of today’s interview, Dr. Pugh plays a track from her long-awaited album called “Before Time Stops.” Click here to learn more about her album and to hear samples of her work.

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