Free yourself from pain and addiction by using techniques taught by Sonya Sophia Illig

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Sonya Sophia Illig, the creator of a healing process called Emotional Freedom Technique that enables clients to improve their lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short, is Sonya Sophia Illig’s special technique for helping people actualize their dreams and cast aside their physical discomfort and emotional trauma. In her 90-minute sessions (shorter periods required for children), she uses EFT to release existing blockages through the meridian pathways in the body. Clients receive positive results in a majority of cases without requiring drugs or pharmaceuticals. Rather than reacting to symptoms, EFT attacks the root of the problem.

Sonya offers phone and Internet consultations as well as in-person visits. Further details about her work can be found by watching this YouTube video and by clicking here.

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