Denise Zak shares her amazing ability to communicate with our beloved pets

Denise Zak is a professional Animal Intuitive who helps pet owners, trainers, and veterinarians deal with behavioral, training, health, and emotional issues.

Highly skilled in the art of communication, Denise Zak spent 10 years in the cosmetic industry working as a sales executive and corporate trainer for Calvin Klein, Diane VonFurstenburg, and the GMI International Fragrance Group. After leaving the corporate world in 1991 when her employer ceased operations, she began to spend much of her free time at a local stable tending her two horses, Steele Equus, and My Monet.

Her new career began when another rider’s horse became lame. After numerous tests and exams failed to produce a definitive diagnosis, the frustrated owner asked Denise to look at her horse. Denise accurately “intuited” that the pain was coming from a stone lodged between the horse’s hoof and shoe.

Word of her abilities spread like wildfire, and before long, she started to spend most of her time answering questions from both pet and performance animal owners.

These days, Denise is often called upon to lend emotional support to those who are having trouble adjusting to the illness or death of a beloved pet. “I can feel a sense of relief and peace of mind in my clients’ voices when I relate their pets’ thoughts during this painful time,” she says.

Denise has written a children’s story and is currently working on her second book that will include a collection of her readings that have had an emotional impact on her and her clients.

Further information can be obtained from Denise’s website,

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